Hangzhou Bioeast Biotech Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Bioeast Biotech) is a leading high-tech enterprise

dedicated to pioneering research and development in the field of key raw materials for In-Vitro Diagnostic, Life Science,

 and Biomedical reagent solutions. Established in 2018, Bioeast Biotech has emerged as a trusted provider of innovative solutions in the industry.

We specialize in developing advanced technologies and cutting-edge solutions to meet the evolving needs of the

diagnostic, life science, and biomedical sectors. Our product portfolio encompasses a wide range of offerings, 

including Nano microspheres, magnetic beads, antigens, antibodies, enzymes, active proteins, chromatographic products, 

and integrated solutions for various diagnostic platforms such as Biochemistry, CLIA, Elisa, Lateral Flow,

Fluroimmunoassay, Immunoturbidimetric, and Molecular Diagnostics.

With our leading R&D and manufacturing facilities, 

ISO13485 certified quality system, and round-the-clock technical support with assay development experience; 


3 wholly-owned companies will be launched to global market soon

AICHEK - POCT integrated solutions, 

Acnovia - CGT integrated solutions,

BiogenMicro - Chromatographic media solutions 

to serve manufacturers for different needs.


Bioeast is dedicated to innovation of advanced Biomedical Raw Materials and Integrated Solutions. With continuous R&D investment, we develop the products as our partners need. With multiple application platforms, we test the products as what our partners do. With ISO accredited quality management system, we emphasize the products’ quality over quantity.

Serving Science, See the Future. We expect to be the one accompanied with you along the way of science, and see the glorious future together.


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